May 28, 2007 | David F. Coppedge

Ant Brain: Software Compression Extreme

How can so much software fit in such a small space?  An ant brain can’t be very big, but look what it can do.  The BBC News and Science Daily both told about the route-finding ability of army ants.  Not only do they find the most efficient routes to their targets, they even plug potholes with their own bodies.  The volunteers that agree to get walked on, providing a “living surface” for the others, are even specifically matched to the size of the hole, scientists at University of Bristol found.  One team member said, “When it comes to rapid road repairs, the ants have their own do-it-yourself highways agency.”
    In addition, ants are able to plan far ahead for their own workforce.  Science Daily reported that ants, “one of nature’s ultimate self-organising species breeds optimum numbers of each worker type to ensure the smooth running of the colony.”  They seem to have an uncanny sense to adjust the expression of key genes to breed the workforce that will be most in demand in the future.  How they do this is a mystery, but one evolutionary biologist was certain Darwin could explain it: “It seems that ants have evolved their own solution to this problem.”

Do-it-yourself agency, he said.  Self-organizing species, they called it.  Do ants have a sense of self?  Do they complain when they get walked on, like people do?  Just a momentary jest; whatever is going on, a lot of information has to be packed into a tiny space in the head of an ant.  The miniature robots know just what to do and do it extremely well (see 09/12/2001).  And what do you know, they say army ants have been doing this for 100 million years without any evolution (05/06/2003, 11/14/2000).  What do you know.
    Notice how in this and the next entry, evolutionists are fond of phrasing their materialistic theory in the personal, active verb form: such-and-such evolved a solution, or color vision, or whatever.  Foul!  The organism did not – and could not – conspire to do such a thing.  Their own presuppositions disallow it.  Don’t let an evolutionist confuse the issues with such personal, teleological language.  Force them to be consistent.  This will poke a hole that will leak all the pneuma out of their theory’s tires.  Simultaneously, their explanations will be seen not as highways, but as potholes, wider than their own bodies.  Flat tires on a highway that is all pothole and no road will get their theory nowhere fast, even if they all join hands and feet in a desperate attempt to keep the road from disappearing.  (As if that would help, anyway; they don’t even know where their road should go.)

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