May 26, 2007 | David F. Coppedge

Creation Museum Opens

The $27 million Creation Museum in Florence, Kentucky, built by Answers in Genesis, opened to the public on May 26, after years of planning and construction.  It features audio-animatronic dinosaurs, a planetarium, a bookstore, hiking trails and many elaborate exhibits.
    AIG unashamedly presents a Biblical interpretation of origins, science, history and ultimate destiny of man and the universe – within a Genesis timescale.  The entire project was financed by private donations.
    The New York Times printed a surprisingly favorable review of the museum by Edward Rothstein.  His only critical question was as follows:

The other catastrophe, in the museum’s view, is of more recent vintage: the abandonment of the Bible by church figures who began to treat the story of creation as if it were merely metaphorical, and by Enlightenment philosophers, who chipped away at biblical authority.  The ministry believes this is a slippery slope….
    But one problem is that scientific activity presumes that the material world is organized according to unchanging laws, while biblical fundamentalism presumes that those laws are themselves subject to disruption and miracle.  Is not that a slippery slope as well, even affecting these analyses?

Nevertheless, Rothstein seemed impressed by the experience of walking through the elaborate dioramas.  The visitor, he said, “leaves feeling a bit like Adam emerging from Eden, all the world before him, freshly amazed at its strangeness and extravagant peculiarities.”

The answer to Rothstein, of course, is that the Darwinists believe in miracles, too (see 05/24/2007).  Their miracles are more fantastic and unnatural than anything the Bible ever said.  So pick your miracle-worker: a God who has infinite power and intelligence, or time and chance.  And, for extra consideration, choose the bottom of the slippery slope you would like to live at: a world of hate, sin, strife and evil, or a world that abides by the moral laws of the Divine lawgiver.  Science did pretty well for centuries before atheists co-opted it for their agenda.  Read what Madelaine Bunting wrote recently about the new hate-filled atheists in Mail&Guardian Online.  Want to follow their lead?
    A regular reader who visited on opening day may provide another first-hand account soon.  In the meantime, watch how the media react to this (and media from around the world were on hand to practice their spinning skills).  Some Darwinista organizations, as we said (05/23/2007), are trying to prevent people from going.  AIG said that on opening day a protest group with a rock band set up camp nearby.  Here are the typical spins you are bound to see:

  • This is bad science and will make America fall behind the world.
  • This museum is brainwashing kids.
  • Can’t we all just get along?

Monday evening 5/28, Fox News already interviewed an evolutionist using all three against AIG president Ken Ham.  There is only one word you need to know to respond to Darwiniacs who try to use these ploys.  HYPOCRISY.

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