July 3, 2007 | David F. Coppedge

Evolutionist Trains Toddler to Adore Darwin

Marc Hauser is an evolutionary psychologist at Harvard who believes human morals and language evolved from ape-like ancestors.1  He was interviewed in Current Biology,2 and asked the usual question – and gave the usual answer with a surprising personal twist:

Do you have a scientific hero?
When my youngest daughter was about three years old, I pulled a cheap trick on her, teaching her that whenever I asked “Who’s the man?”, she should reply “Darwin!”  She does this quite well now.  It is hard to imagine any living biologist not thinking that Darwin IS the man, and I am certainly no different.  But I have a different hero, and for a slightly different set of reasons.  The man is Noam Chomsky.  Like Darwin, Chomsky raised a set of questions that literally turned around a discipline, and opened the door to several new disciplines….

Noam Chomsky is the influential professor emeritus of linguistics at MIT, an avowed anarchist with openly anti-American views.  This issue of Current Biology appeared, coincidentally, the day before America’s Independence Day holiday, commemorating the signing of the Declaration of Independence.  That document established a new political philosophy on the doctrine of creation.  Jefferson, writing for the 52 American colonial leaders who signed, held it as self-evident that all men are created equal, and endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights.  The belief that rights and liberties originated in God meant they were not fluid or societal, as evolutionary theory would teach, but eternal and inviolable.

1See these previous entries about Marc Hauser: 01/20/2004 on monkey grammar, 09/01/2005 (bullet 3) on chimpanzee psychology, 10/27/2006 (bullet 7) on his book Moral Minds, 05/09/2006 (commentary bullet 16) on his section of an anti-ID anthology, and 11/05/2006 again on his book Moral Minds.
2Marc Hauser, Q&A, Current Biology, Volume 17, Issue 13, 3 July 2007, Pages R491-R493,doi:10.1016/j.cub.2007.04.012.
3The last question in the interview was whether scientists have any obligation to the public at large.  Surprisingly, Hauser expressed angst about the vanity of it all: “I worry that my work is about as important as Greek translation is to our well being as a species… I often feel like the post-dinner entertainment, perhaps marginally better than MTV.”  But then he said he does feel a sense of obligation, “not only because they are footing the bill through taxes, but because no human being should be allowed to live in today’s world without an education in the sciences.”  The discussion moved from the futility of relativism to moral fervor.  He ended with a sermon: “As scientists, we must educate.  We must step out of the university and into the public arena, taking every spare moment we have to ‘preach’ our passion.”  But is it just animal passion, or is it a concern for some unvarying truth?  And how would an evolved animal know the difference?  Those follow-up questions were not asked.

Of all the insipid, egregious, gratuitous, disgusting cases of Charlie worship we’ve seen over the years (and we’ve seen a lot), this one takes the cake.  Some rabid evolutionists think it is child abuse to teach children to pray and love God.  Well, get a load of this!  Darwinites, are you proud of what your comrade-in-arms has done?
    He takes his precious, helpless little daughter, who doesn’t know her right hand from her left, and indoctrinates her in the worship of Charlie Buddha.  Before she has even heard of kindergarten, he trains her like the monkeys he works with to perform a conditioned response on cue.  Imagine a father doing that about any other scientist – Newton, Maxwell, or Einstein – and it would seem really quirky.  But Darwin?  The guy who did nothing more than liberate the world from scientific rigor and responsibility (12/22/2003 commentary)?  If you think we exaggerate when we say the Darwinites literally worship their Big Daddy (07/18/2006, 02/13/2004 commentary), well, you’ve just seen it with your own eyes.
    Pray for this poor little victim.  Undoubtedly Marc will teach her growing up what he teaches his students, that all morals are relative, and that ideas about right and wrong are mere evolved antics we passed along from our ape-like ancestors.  We hope little miss Hauser grows up wisely to find the truth.  But if some day as a young adult she flips out and indulges her sexual fantasies in perverse ways, bringing shame on the Hauser home, neither Daddy nor The Man will have any authority to say she shouldn’t have (see footnote 3, above).  After all, it’s just a conditioned response.

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