August 1, 2007 | David F. Coppedge

Deep Sea Vents Tantalize Evolutionists

A team of Chinese and American scientists pulled up fragments of deep-sea vents and analyzed their contents, reported Science Daily.  They said the creatures inhabiting these vents are the “most primitive life forms on Earth,” and so thought that the fragments might provide clues to the origin of life.  Timothy Kusky of Saint Louis University said, “This discovery provides tantalizing suggestions that early life may have developed and remained sheltered in deep-sea hydrothermal vents until surface conditions became favorable for organisms to inhabit the land.”

And so another just-so story is born.  The sagacious primitives of the deep knew that all good things must wait, so they hid out in the depths till the surface was ready.  Perhaps they sent pioneers upwards every few million years to see if any returned with good news.
    The article asserts unknowable things with feigned certainty.  They said these vents are 1.43 billion years old, as if they read the time off a stopwatch to 3 significant figures (cf. 10/28/2003).  They called these organisms primitive, even though there are complex bacteria, worms, fish, crustaceans and arthropods often inhabiting the vents.  They provided no mechanism by which complex life could “emerge” in the dark, scalding heat and turbulence of one of the most vicious habitats on the planet (06/14/2002).  They ignored the problem of composing ribose, proteins and many other essential molecules of life.  They forgot how damaging sea salt is to incipient life (04/15/2002).
    “This discovery offers scientists valuable on-land samples for geological and geobiological research with implications for the origin and evolution of early life on Earth,” Kusky crowed.  Yet Harvard medical illustrator David Bolinsky said that life would not be possible without complex molecular machines (get link to animation at Uncommon Descent blog).  How did these machines just happen to come together, Tim?
    The raw data in this article provide no information on the origin and evolution of early life on Earth.  What they do reveal is the marketing hype used by certain scientists needing research funds for geological and geobiological research.  The article also reveals how easily certain people are tantalized by the power of suggestion.

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