August 15, 2007 | David F. Coppedge

Largest Dinosaur Mass Grave in Switzerland Found

As many as 100 plateosaurs may be buried in a mass grave in Switzerland, reported the Reuters news service.  “The finds show that an area known for Plateosaurus finds for decades may be much larger than originally thought” – as much as a mile in width in the town of Frick, near the German border.  An amateur found bones while investigating a construction site.
    The article mentions that Germany has two other large plateosaur burial sites.  It described the animals as peaceful herbivores that lived along a river delta.  Plateosaur fossils are common in Europe.  The four-legged herbivores, classified as Triassic, grew over 30 feet in length and could weigh as much as 1500 pounds.

Must have been a bad day in dinotopia.  Anyone know of a modern example of hundreds of large animals like elephants or giraffes all being buried at the same time over many miles while grazing peacefully along a river bank?  We were once taught the present is the key to the past.  Remember the specimen found under the North Sea? (04/25/2006).

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