October 23, 2007 | David F. Coppedge

Jewish First Temple Period Uncovered

Artifacts dating from the First Temple period have been found in trenches illegally dug by Muslims on the Temple Mount: for the story, see the Jerusalem Post, the Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Bible Places.  Dr. Leen Ritmeyer has diagrams of where the artifacts relate to the Temple position in his Ritmeyer Blog.
    The First Temple was built by Solomon (see I Kings 5-8).  After the destruction of Jerusalem by the Babylonians in 586 BC, the Jews returning from exile built a Second Temple (Ezra 3-8).  This temple was elaborately enlarged by Herod the Great into the magnificent Temple of Jesus’ day (Matthew 24).  That temple was destroyed by the Romans in 70 AD.  Portions of the Herodian walls from the Temple Mount remain to this day, including the Western Wall, a sacred site for the Jews.  The Muslims, however, deny the existence of a Jewish temple on the summit.  The Dome of the Rock now sits over the site.
    The Temple Mount has been off limits to archaeologists and is under control of Muslim police.  Muslims have been performing unauthorized and reckless trench-digging with a bulldozer, forbidding archaeologists to examine the trenches.  A fortuitous by-product of the illegal digging is that it allowed artifacts from under the present level to be seen for the first time in thousands of years.  Although the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) did nothing to stop the reckless trenching, they verified that some of the artifacts date from the First Temple period.

The only bright side of this atrocity is providing proof of the Biblical claims of the First Temple.  Muslims show no concern for the sensibilities of other religions but react with violence if any non-Muslim approaches their sacred sites.  In recent years, they dug into the southeast corner of the Temple Mount into soil richly laden with artifacts, to build an underground mosque.  Their level of carefulness and concern was to pile the debris into mounds and toss tons of it over the wall.  Dedicated archaeologists have found bits of precious artifacts among the dirt (10/31/2006, 04/17/2005).
    Who knows what additional treasures lie under the Temple Mount?  Archaeologists reveal amazing things at the periphery, but these are only tantalizing glimpses of artifacts that millions of people would rejoice to see, were it not for the bullying and threats of the “religion of peace” to wage global jihad if they dare to look.  Where is the U.N. in this blatant example of disrespect for priceless relics from antiquity?  Oh, they’re too busy helping the dictators of the world and outlawing righteousness.  What’s unfathomable is why the Israeli government and the IAA have been so silent and appeasing.
    Christians and Jews believe that a Third Temple will someday arise on the Temple Mount.  Some orthodox Jews even have the plans and preparations underway.  Given the volatility of the politics of Jerusalem, one would think this might trigger a kind of apocalypse.

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