October 16, 2007 | David F. Coppedge

Sweden Bans Creationism

Creationism and intelligent design are being banned in Swedish schools, reported the English version of the Swedish news source, The Local.  Intelligent design (ID) makes no claim about the Creator, but only the detectability of design; nevertheless, both were banned equally.
    This may not be unexpected after the Council of Europe resolution last week (10/06/2007).  What’s unusual about this decision, though, is that creationism has been banned from church schools – because Sweden, like many European countries, has a state church.  “The Swedish government is to crack down on the role religion plays in independent faith schools,” the article began.  “Pupils must be protected from all forms of fundamentalism.”
    Teachers can still start the day with prayers, but when science lesson time comes, they must stick to the curriculum.  Religious education is still allowed, but “all elements of religious worship would have to be completely separate from class teaching.”
    Most independent schools in Sweden are privately owned but funded by government grants, the article said.  Schools that break the rules can be closed by the Swedish National Agency for Education, which is doubling the number of inspectors to ensure compliance.

Look at the web page, and you will see another story: increasing numbers of Swedes are converting to Islam.  This means that the Swedish political dunderheads who can’t read their tea leaves had better wake up to the fact that the country will become creationist soon anyway.  They must choose, while there is still time, whether they want peace-loving Christian creationists, who want to reason with them and debate the evidence, or Islamic fascists who will make them convert via a sword at the neck.  Either way, the Church of Darwin cannot survive.  It is obviously not the fittest, because it just imploded (10/08/2007).
    Compare this story with the 09/14/2007 entry, “Some Christian Colleges Love Darwin More than Jesus.”

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