November 22, 2007 | David F. Coppedge

SETI Researcher Writes Children’s Poem

For a feature called “SETI Thursday” at, Dr. Laurence Doyle has written a childish poem about how life brought itself up from nothing to galactic explorers.  It begins, “When the Earth was young, and the Moon nearby, in a cometary sea, prokaryotic thoughts arose, what fun it is to be!”  The idea of evolving being fun is a motif throughout the poem.  One excerpt:

Trilobites now filled the sea, and oxygen the air, “What say we all crawl up on land?  And have a picnic there!”
“We’ll bring amphibians and trees, and Oh, it will be fun!  And bring some extra ozone to protect us from the Sun.”
So off we went, and partied on, from cynodont to ’saur.  Time flies when one is having fun.  Then from a distant shore,
We saw a comet hit the ground, the best I’ve ever seen.  It turned the Moon a pretty blue, the Sun a shade of green.
“Now that’s a party!” we all sang, and went to mammals be.  The ’saurs became a little flock of ornithology.

From there, it wouldn’t be long till primates spread their partying from inner caves to outer space:

The trees were great, but it was late, so onto two we strode.  And chipped some stone and built some fires to warm the cave abode….
Next—to another sun!  A galaxy to party in.  I said it would be fun!

There’s another place on the planet where talking animals party all the time: Disneyland.

The Imagineers at Disneyland have actually gotten together with the Darwin Party on numerous occasions.  The Magic Kingdom is loaded with reference to evolution.  Darwinists love to party there, because when you wish upon a star, anything can happen.  Prokaryotic thoughts can even arise.  Just don’t ask, “from where?”

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