December 25, 2007 | David F. Coppedge

Darwin Claus Becomes Icon of Winter Solstice

Evolution News has a picture of Darwin as Santa Claus.  They got the picture from a Winter Solstice card sent among atheists at Winter Solstice luncheons that are springing up around the country.  The caption on the card states, “evolve your beliefs.”

The historic St. Nicholas of Patara, a Christian altruist, would be appalled at his nemesis being used to support neo-paganism.  Pay attention especially to the last paragraphs in the article.  Atheists cannot deny the case for cosmic design, and their empty hearts yearn for a meaning they have abandoned.
    If atheists think they should evolve their beliefs, then their beliefs are self-refuting.  It becomes possible that their beliefs might evolve toward theism – thus denying the validity of atheism.  Beliefs cannot evolve into Christianity by any means.  That requires choice based on an intelligently-designed Master plan (Romans 10:5-13).  You might find this to be the happier choice (see 12/08/2003).

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