June 17, 2008 | David F. Coppedge

Big Dino Site Found in Utah

A big dinosaur fossil quarry has been found in Utah near Hanksville, reported the Associated Press (see copy on PhysOrg).  The Bureau of Land Management says it may be comparable to the Dinosaur National Monument site and other well-known quarries in the region.  Apparently feeling a need to appeal to the MTV generation, a National Geographic article mentioned it contains “big sexy dinosaurs.”
    No new species were identified, but the 50 x 200 yard mass burial contains clams and large petrified tree trunks in addition to sauropods, two carnivores and a stegosaur.  The bones were found in a sandstone channel of an ancient river, the article says, and the preservation is excellent.

These animals were sure dumb to keep wandering into floods that would bury them alive.  The trees were dumb, too.  Scientists, of course, have it all figured out.

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