August 5, 2008 | David F. Coppedge

Defeat Spam: Imitate the Body’s Defenses

Your body’s immune system is inspiring the next generation of email spam-fighters.  The University of Southampton reported that “An algorithm for spam recognition inspired by the immune system will be presented at the first European conference on Artificial Life (ALIFE XI) being held in Winchester this week.”
    The idea is that “in the same way as the vertebrate adaptive immune system learns to distinguish harmless from harmful substances, these principles can be applied to spam detection.”  The conference is hosted by the University’s new “Science and Engineering of Natural Systems” group.

Natural systems do not do their own science and engineering.  The engineering is embedded in their DNA.  The conference attendees will hear from experts on alleged self-organizing structures and “embedded, embodied, evolving and adaptive systems.”  This is code for intelligent design.  Embedded instructions require design.  Embodied adaptive systems require pre-programmed design by intelligent agents (as in robotics).  Evolving systems that perform such feats without intelligent help, however, exist only in the vivid imaginations of secular evolutionists.  Their best example so far is a tornado in a junkyard.

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