August 13, 2008 | David F. Coppedge

Does Cancer Illustrate Fitness?

Most people think of health and vitality when they hear the word “fitness.”  Why, then, does an article on Science Daily apply the word to one of the biggest scourges of mankind?  “Scientists from The Institute of Advanced Studies at Princeton and the University of California discovered that the underlying process in tumor formation is the same as for life itself—evolution.”  The article even applies Spencer’s notorious phrase to the evolution of cancer: “Survival Of The Fittest: Even Cancer Cells Follow The Laws Of Evolution.”

After analyzing a half million gene mutations, the researchers found that although different gene mutations control different cancer pathways, each pathway was controlled by only one set of gene mutations.
    This suggests that a molecular “survival of the fittest” scenario plays out in every living creature as gene mutations strive for ultimate survival through cancerous tumors.

    Gerald Weismann, Editor-in-Chief of the The FASEB Journal, wins Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week with his comment on the paper: “Little could Darwin have known that his ‘Origin of the Species’ would one day explain the ‘Origin of the Tumor.’”

Good grief, cancer is not fitness.  Evolutionists (at least those who think consistently) have to believe that everything destructive is just as worthy of our respect and admiration as everything good and beautiful, because it is just another manifestation of the mindless, senseless, directionless, purposeless “laws of evolution” (which are not laws at all in the classical scientific sense: where are the equations?)
    So while millions of their fellow humans are suffering from cancer, looking to science for treatments and cures, there are a few researchers who call themselves fellows of the “institute of advanced studies” who have nothing better to do than tell jokes about On the Origin of Tumors by Natural Selection, and the Preservation of Favored Mistakes in the Struggle for Death.  Get a life.

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