August 26, 2008 | David F. Coppedge

Neanderthals Win Toolmaking Olympics

Scientists have taken another step toward debunking the myth of the “stupid Neanderthals” who went extinct when competing with their supposedly advanced neighbors, the “modern humans.”  Science Daily is one of several news sites reporting a study on toolmaking by the two groups of humans, that concluded that “stone tool technologies developed by our species, Homo sapiens, were no more efficient than those used by Neanderthals.”  In fact, Neanderthal tools may have been superior.
    More important than the study about flint knife efficiency was the change of attitude expressed by Metin Erin (U of Exeter), lead author of the paper:

Our research disputes a major pillar holding up the long-held assumption that Homo sapiens were more advanced than Neanderthals.  It is time for archaeologists to start searching for other reasons why Neanderthals became extinct while our ancestors survived.  Technologically speaking, there is no clear advantage of one tool over the other.  When we think of Neanderthals, we need to stop thinking in terms of ‘stupid’ or ‘less advanced’ and more in terms of ‘different.’

Museum displays had long portrayed Neanderthals as stoop-shouldered, beetle-browed, grunting cavemen not as evolved as the upcoming modern humans.  “Many long-held beliefs suggesting why the Neanderthals went extinct have been debunked in recent years,” the article said.  “Research has already shown that Neanderthals were as good at hunting as Homo sapiens and had no clear disadvantage in their ability to communicate.  Now, these latest findings add to the growing evidence that Neanderthals were no less intelligent than our ancestors.

Are you angry at the evolutionists who misled generations of impressionable students with their myth of the stupid Neanderthal caveman?  Why not?
    Look at another atrocity stemming from evolutionary doctrine.  Read this entry on New Scientist about the “forgotten scandal of the Soviet apeman.”  Ilia Ivanov, wanting to vindicate Darwin by demonstrating that humans were closely related to apes, tried to breed them together.  Notice the line: “When Ivanov approached the government, he stressed how proving Darwin right would strike a blow against religion, which the Bolsheviks were struggling to stamp out.”
    Don’t think for a minute that today’s evolutionary doctrine has now been purged of all its pernicious motivations.

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