May 7, 2009 | David F. Coppedge

Evolution Does What Comes Physically

Two scientists believe they have unified biology and physics into one law that both animals and falling rocks obey.  They call it the “constructal law.”  This “universal principle of evolution” explains the “universal design principles” that make fish swim and birds fly – the “physics of evolution.”  Even if evolution does not predict what animals will look like, James Marden (Penn State) and Adrian Bejan feel that the constructal law guarantees the same patterns will emerge: for instance, animals will evolve as weight-lifters against the fluids that surround them.  The story was reported in Science Daily.
    “This is an exciting development for physicists, but it should also resonate with biologists,” Bejan said.  “The idea that organic evolution is analogous to the way form evolves in inanimate flow systems is a novel concept that has the potential to unite perspectives and approaches across disparate disciplines.  We suggest that the constructal law provides a powerful tool for examining and understanding variation in both the animate and inanimate compartments of nature.”  Bejan thinks of his idea as a universal law governing all nature.  “When thinking of evolution and Darwin, most people think of animals or trees.  That’s too bad, because design features are everywhere in nature.  The constructal law can be seen as a universal principle of evolution, which applies in many fields, from physics to economics.”

Pebbles tumble downstream, but salmon swim upstream.  The constructal law is refuted.  Science Daily published this article without any howls of laughter.  The credibility of Science Daily is refuted.

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