May 8, 2009 | David F. Coppedge

High School Biology Teachers Have Clout

Two professors at Minnesota State surveyed a thousand students on the impact of their high school biology teachers when it comes to the subject of evolution or creation:

Students whose high school biology class included creationism (with or without evolution) were more likely to accept creationist views as entering college students.  Similarly, students exposed to evolutionism but not creationism were more likely to accept evolution in college.  For example, 72 to 78 percent of students exposed to evolution only agreed that it is scientifically valid while 57 to 59 percent of students who were exposed to creationism agreed that it can be validated.

The researchers were surprised that the same trend held for both biology majors and non-majors.  The press release reproduced by Science Daily consistently used the suffix “-ism” on the word creationism but did not use it on the word evolution.  It claimed, without documentation, that “more than 25 percent of biology teachers do not know it is unconstitutional to teach creationism.”  It also said that “There are usually no consequences for teachers who do not cover evolution or who teach creationism.”

No consequences?  For goodness’ sake, those teachers should be awarded the Medal of Freedom.
    Do you see why the DODO heads (Darwin-Only, Darwin-Only) are so adamant that student eyes must be completely shielded from any challenges to Charlie in biology class?  It’s because they know that evolution-ISM can’t stand in a fair fight with CREATION.  Nothing in evolution makes sense except in the darkness of dogma.

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