August 16, 2009 | David F. Coppedge

Twitter the ET Bandwidth Wagon

If you have nothing better to do, send a message to an alien.  Leonard David reported on that a website in Australia is collecting messages to beam up to a planet named Gliese 581d that is 20.3 light-years away.  Even a Senator who is Australia’s Minister for Innovation, Industry, Science and Research got involved.  To jump on what article calls the “bandwidth wagon”, go to
    Gliese 581d is an exoplanet 8 times the size of earth.  Once enough messages of 160 characters are collected, they will be beamed at the planet from NASA’s Deep Space Network antenna at Canberra.
    The “Hello from earth” campaign is a project of an Australian science magazine, Cosmos, celebrating National Science Week.  The editor, Wilson da Silva, explained: “We don’t know if there’s life on Gliese 581d and we don’t even know if there’s a technical civilization capable of detecting our signal.  But we do know that it might have the conditions for life.  And as soon as the conditions for life existed on Earth, life emerged.”

Notice again that the secular SETI crowd still believes in miracles.  Their word for a miraculous event is that something “emerged”.  It doesn’t matter to them that mathematics shows a chance origin of life is impossible.  It just emerged, o ye of little faith.
    Denying belief in God, today’s secular pagans still have a longing for prayer.  So they invent beings like ourselves capable of hearing our prayers and solving our problems.  Notice the spirit of the childish people writing to their invisible friends.  One submission said, “We’re trying to get over wars [on] our planet, but greed is greater that our dreams.  Lots of us know that this is wrong and won’t give up!”  How did evolution teach this person anything is wrong?  Another wrote, “come find me I have a lot of questions to ask!”  If it were true, as da Silva, said that life simply emerged when the conditions were right, that indeed would raise lots of questions.  Chief among them is why particles in motion would ever have a question, and what an answer would signify.

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