October 17, 2009 | David F. Coppedge

Beethoven: It All Began With a Thump

Live Science in all seriousness, “When monkeys drum, they activate brain networks linked with communication, new findings that suggest a common origin of primate vocal and nonvocal communication systems and shed light on the origins of language and music.
    Choi reported on work at the Max Planck Institute for Biological Cybernetics to determine if ape drumming activates the brain centers related to human speech and music.  Here’s what Christoph Kayser thinks:

Monkeys respond to drumming sounds as they would to vocalizations.  Hence, drumming originated as a form of expression or communication, possibly in an ancestral species common to apes and old-world monkeys, early during primate evolution…. Humans convey information not only using speech, but also using other sounds that range in diversity from loud hand-clapping as applause, to the discrete knocking on a door before entering, to drumming that forms an important part of music.

Monkey drumming activates some of the same portions of the temporal lobe that responds to screeching.  In human brains, the temporal lobe is “key to processing meaning in both speech and vision.”  That can only mean one thing, said Choi: since humans and macaques are “thought to have had a common ancestor about 25 million years ago,” then obviously, “The discovery of drumming in rhesus macaques offers a way to examine what brain regions were linked with nonvocal communication, such as music in humans.”  These ideas made it into the prestigious National Academy of Sciences.

There’s that favorite phrase of the Darwinians: that incessant, insufferable empty promise that such-and-such a non-sequitur may “shed light” on evolution.  It’s futile to squint and hope.  Evolution is a black hole that swallows all the light shed into it.  That’s why the light is “shed” (i.e., wasted).
    We’re going to have so much fun when the Darwin idol falls re-reading the stupid things they said.  To celebrate this SEQOTW winner, go watch Ringo and the cave people invent music on YouTube.  Even funnier is that the Darwinists think it’s what really happened.  Be sure to sober up afterwards by listening to some Bach, Beethoven or Brahms.  Then ponder the degeneration of human gifts into mindless drumming and storytelling.

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