April 10, 2010 | David F. Coppedge

You Live in a Wormhole in a Black Hole

Is it publish or perish time?  A physicist at Indiana University thinks that “our universe could have itself formed from inside a black hole existing inside another universe.”  Let Nikodem Paplowski explain his idea:

But he also notes that since observers can only see the outside of the black hole, the interior cannot be observed unless an observer enters or resides within.
    “This condition would be satisfied if our universe were the interior of a black hole existing in a bigger universe,” he said.  “Because Einstein’s general theory of relativity does not choose a time orientation, if a black hole can form from the gravitational collapse of matter through an event horizon in the future then the reverse process is also possible.  Such a process would describe an exploding white hole: matter emerging from an event horizon in the past, like the expanding universe.”
    A white hole is connected to a black hole by an Einstein-Rosen bridge (wormhole) and is hypothetically the time reversal of a black hole.  Poplawski’s paper1 suggests that all astrophysical black holes, not just Schwarzschild and Einstein-Rosen black holes, may have Einstein-Rosen bridges, each with a new universe inside that formed simultaneously with the black hole.
    “From that it follows that our universe could have itself formed from inside a black hole existing inside another universe,” he said.

Got that?  Find out more at the source: Indiana University news room.  National Geographic News.  “Like part of a cosmic Russian doll, our universe may be nested inside a black hole that is itself part of a larger universe,” he said, in a fact-free rhapsody of joyful speculation.  “In turn, all the black holes found so far in our universe—from the microscopic to the supermassive—may be doorways into alternate realities.”  By all means, then, we should investigate these realities with the scientific method.  He handed the mike to Poplawski, who gave the operative quote of the story: “It’s kind of a crazy idea, but who knows?”  Another cosmologist chimed in with, “Everything people ask in this business is pretty weird.”

1.  “Radial motion into an Einstein-Rosen bridge,” Physics Letters B, by Nikodem J. Poplawski. (Volume 687, Issues 2-3, 12 April 2010, Pages 110-113.)

Cosmologists have way too much time on their hands.  Imagine that; universes just emerge from black holes, and then cosmologists emerge to tell about it.  Instead of inhabiting theoretical universes, where angels can dance on the head of a pin, how about coming back to the one and only universe science could ever know about?  If academia wants to fund speculation like this in the name of science, just because the math works, then open up the playing field to those who can also find adequate causes in their white-hole cosmologies, like Humphreys.

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