May 12, 2010 | David F. Coppedge

World’s Strongest Animal Discovered

Scientists at the Technical University of Denmark announced the world’s strongest animal.  The strength of this animal is 10 to 30 times that of any other species.  Before revealing what it is, here are some additional hints:

  • It is the most abundant multicellular animal on earth.
  • It has the world’s strongest muscles, and outperforms man-made motors.
  • It jumps so quickly, it seems to vanish.
  • It can accelerate to over 100 mph in a few thousandths of a second.
  • It can jump thousands of times its body length per second.
  • If a man could jump as fast as this animal, he would have to go 3,800 mph.
  • It has two separate propulsion mechanisms.
  • It has finely-tuned legs for swimming.
  • It has an optimized hydrodynamic shape.
  • It has an exceptionally rapid nerve transmission system.

Even more amazing, this animal jumps with this amazing strength and speed while blind, and while swimming in what feels to it like heavy syrup.  What is it?  Read Science Daily or PhysOrg or Live Science to find out.  You can also watch the slow-motion video provided on Live Science.  Incidentally, it’s only about 1 millimeter long.

The authors tried to sneak in evolution into this story, but they can’t get away with it without the Baloney Detector going off.  One scientist said, “The copepods’ evolutionary success should be seen in relation to their ability to flee from predators.  Their escape jump is hugely powerful and effective.”  This is a royal non-sequitur.  Suppose I made up a theory called gribbleflix that states that organisms will come up with what they need to survive.  How would you feel if anything you presented, no matter what it was, I could explain by saying the reason it survives was because of its gribbleflixary success?  If it is fast, it’s because of gribbleflix.  If it stays in one place, it’s because of gribbleflix.  Pretty soon you would be pretty frustrated at me.  Why, then, do we let the evolutionists get away with this trick?
    You probably did not expect these tiny, little, shrimpy, insignificant, primitive nothings to win the World’s Strongest Animal Contest.  Sounds like evolution was all downhill from there, and now all we have are weightlifters and sprinters trying to earn a distant honorable mention.

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