September 7, 2010 | David F. Coppedge

Children Propagandized Into Evolution with Fishy Tale

Google News also reported on the award.
    Richard Dawkins must be delighted with the new book.  The Telegraph said, “Richard Dawkins, the atheist academic, has called on the Coalition to make evolutionary theory a compulsory part of the curriculum.”  In June, the article said, he and 3 Nobel laureates wrote the Education Secretary, saying that they were “deeply concerned that evolution and science form a core part of any revised primary curriculum.
    Trouble is, One Smart Fish presents a very poor impression of evolution.  Mr. Wormell, age 55, said, “I had the idea of this very smart fish, and then I had the evolution idea — that the one thing this fish wants to do more than anything is walk on the land.”  Any “smart” fish that has a motive and purpose to reach a goal actually illustrates intelligent design more than the blind, aimless process of natural selection.  It appears that evolutionists can overlook major flaws like this within the broader desire to introduce Darwinism to impressionable young imagineers.

Pernicious pragmatism for propaganda purposes – that’s telling Big Lies to children.  The only people who can “laugh, share, think and wonder” at One Smart Fish are mature creationists who can see through the naked propaganda ploy of this book: laugh, because the story is so insipid; share, like this CEH commentary is doing; think, something the Darwinbots are deficient at; and wonder how judges can be so stupid – unless they are willing accomplices in a conspiracy to bend young minds toward evolutionary dogma.  Darwin would blush at this convoluted mischaracterization of his theory; but the Bearded Buddha and his priests will accept the brain offerings just the same, with or without convolutions.

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