September 27, 2010 | David F. Coppedge

Documentary Ties Darwin to Disastrous Social Consequences

Todd Friel’s new documentary, What Hath Darwin Wrought (see trailer at, harps on the proverb, “Ideas have consequences.”  The twentieth century, “Darwin’s century,” saw some of the most horrendous ethical abuses the world has ever seen.  The documentary includes lengthy interviews with David Berlinski (mathematician, author), John West (ethicist and legal analyst) and Richard Weikart (historian, author, and professor at UC Stanislaus), who connect the dots from Darwin to eugenics, Hitler, communism, abortion and the modern resurgence of eugenics (now couched within population control and genetic engineering).  Each scholar was careful not to draw simplistic connections.  The quotes from prominent evolutionists and perpetrators of atrocities, and from Darwin himself, using primary sources, should suffice to silence critics who discount the connections.  Prominent atheists were invited by the producer to share their views but refused.  Instead, the editors spliced in representative statements from YouTube by Dawkins, Hitchens and Sam Harris which Berlinski, West, and Weikart were able to analyze and refute.
    The film is about two hours long and is scheduled to air on TV this fall.  DVDs of the film are being marketed by the Discovery Institute from the What Hath Darwin Wrought website.  The package includes a bonus DVD with additional interview footage.  The Discovery Institute blog Evolution News & Views commented on the film Sept 14, Sept 15, Sept 17, and Sept 20.  Todd Friel is a Christian radio commentator with a program name “Wretched” (taken from the second line of Amazing Grace).  His website is

This is an excellent companion to Expelled: No Intelligent Allowed (see 09/12/2009 Resource of the Week), which lacked sufficient time to document the connection from Darwin to Hitler.  In this documentary the documentation is lengthy and convincing.  The quotes by Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger and her grandson about abortion are shocking, as are quotes by George Bernard Shaw and other secular progressives in the heyday of eugenics.  Quotes from Hitler’s own writings, and those of his aides, should dispel any myths that they were “Christian” in any conceivable sense; they may have had a pantheistic streak, but were thorough-going Darwinians and pagans in thought and act, devoid of any Judeo-Christian moral compass.  To them, natural selection was the law of nature to which all life, including humans, societies and nations, must bow.
    Production quality is good, but the documentary is long and mostly talk, though Todd Friel livens it up with enthusiastic stage questions and comments.  It’s probably best to use it as a series with Q&A and discussion after each segment.  The documentary divides nicely into three 30-minute segments, and the website has a printable study guide with discussion questions, bibliography and references to quotes cited in the film.
    One theme that comes through prominently is how the scientific community was a willing accomplice to all the worst of the social catastrophes that were rooted in Darwinism.  John West does a great job tying the consensus of science to the eugenics movement.  The American Museum of Natural History had an exhibit he describes, with the two founding fathers of eugenics prominently displayed in large statues at the entrance – Charles Darwin and Francis Galton, Darwin’s cousin.  They knew the connection; why should anyone else doubt it?  Get this DVD and watch it.  It’s a great lead-in to the next story about embryonic stem cell research (below).  Put the quotes from the film next to today’s crybaby quotes by scientists about the need for federal funds to cut up human embryos, and connect the dots.  What hath Darwin wrought?  Rot.

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