October 13, 2010 | David F. Coppedge

Living Fossils Found in Space

A type of galaxy that should have only existed long ago is alive and well nearby, astronomers from Swinburne University are claiming.  “The Swinburne researchers have likened the galaxies to the ‘living dinosaurs’ or Wollemi Pines of space – galaxies you just wouldn’t expect to find in today’s world,” said Science Daily.
    Very turbulent galaxies were thought to represent early stages in the evolution of our universe, the article claimed.  Something’s wrong, then.  “Their existence has changed our ideas about how star formation is fuelled and understanding star formation is important,“ Professor Karl Glazeburg said.  “Just look at the Big Bang, which is how we all got here.

Maybe that is how he got here, but the rest of us think we got here by design.  Prof. Glazeburg and the biological Darwinists lose credibility when data that should have falsified their notions get recast in new rhetorical schemes, like “living fossils” – a contradiction in terms.  If they’re alive, maybe they were never dead as long as claimed.  Would you trust an antique dealer who guaranteed that a certain grandfather clock was only made in 1789, but then you find a Sony part number on the back, and he exclaims, “Well, I’ll be darned!  A living fossil!”?  Then why do we grant the time of day to these evolutionary salesmen?  A lot of things have gone terribly wrong with their scenarios, but they never repent, never come clean, never admit they have no idea what they are talking about.  So when you read that the universe “likes to form galaxies similar to the Milky Way” (Science Daily) or that rapid star formation was a teenybopper thing (PhysOrg), have a little skepticism, OK?  Data are one thing; interpretations are something else; cute stories are sales gimmicks.

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