December 15, 2010 | David F. Coppedge

Design Science Scores

A team of scientists at Leeds University (UK) led by well-known design scientist Andy McIntosh has won an award for innovative design inspired by nature.  “The team’s work has received the outstanding contribution to innovation and technology title at the Times Higher Education awards in London,” reported the BBC News.
    By studying and imitating the Bombardier Beetle (a long-standing creationist icon), McIntosh and team built an environmentally-friendly sprayer that uses heating and flash evaporation “to propel a variety of liquids up to 4m (13ft).”  The team worked on this project for five years from concept to prototype.  The device “may lead to improvements in the automotive and health industries…. it could inspire new types of nebulisers, needle-free injections, fire extinguishers and powerful fuel injection systems.” 
    To what does McIntosh owe his award-winning success?  “Nobody had studied the beetle from a physics and engineering perspective as we did, and we didn’t appreciate how much we would learn from it.”

Compare this story with the one above it.  You shall know them by their fruits.

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