December 31, 2010 | David F. Coppedge

Year-End Closeout

The sun is rising on 2011, but we need to clear the deck from 2010.  Here are ten 2010 headlines to acknowledge as the ball drops in Times Square, to avoid dropping the ball completely before moving on to 2011.

  1. Cells:  Many cancer cells have an “eat me” tag, said Science Daily.
  2. Early Man:  “Rodents Were Diverse and Abundant in Prehistoric Africa When Our Human Ancestors Evolved,” said Science Daily.  Is that why they left?  (But see 12/29/2010, where Adam was already in Israel.)
  3. Health:  Hire a plant as your therapist, suggests work on “indoor plant intervention” reported by Science Daily.
  4. Fossils:  How did the Komodo Dragon’s ancestor get from Africa to Indonesia?  Do some baloney detecting work on Science Daily’s tale about how the reptile’s “ability to swim may be key to figuring out how more than 30 million years later its ancestors turned up on the other side of the world.”
  5. Evolution:  The arms race is on between maize and smut, says Science Daily.
  6. Bird evolution:  Figure out who has the bird brain in Live Science’s story, “Fossilized Bird Brains May Yield Secret of First Flights.”
  7. Cosmology:  If a star is born and dies into a black hole, is the black hole born?  Untangle the claims on PhysOrg.
  8. Philosophy of science:  Diviners are finding climate change messages in the strangest places: like in broken glass (PhysOrg), floods (National Geographic) and the taste of tea in India (PhysOrg).
  9. Ethics:  “Scientists Peer Into the Future of [Embryonic] Stem Cell Biology,” said Science Daily.  Search on the words ethics and cure.
  10. Intelligent Design:  Evolution News and Views, the blog of the Discovery Institute, reported four recent papers indicating that Intelligent Design is making waves in scientific journals: #1, #2, #3, and #4, all peer-reviewed scientific papers arguing for design over Darwin.

It’s the time of year for historians and prognosticators.  New Scientist looked back at 2010, while Live Science listed its “Science Breakthroughs that 2011 May Bring.”  Stories like these portend a busy year ahead for Creation-Evolution Headlines.

We’re going into 2011 strong with ten years of reporting behind us on a wide variety of subjects.  Resolve to tell your friends about Creation-Evolution Headlines.  The easy-to-remember address is “” – type that in your browser and read, learn, influence.  Happy News Year!

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