November 13, 2011 | David F. Coppedge

Phillip Johnson Re-Buries Darwin

Darwin may still rule from the grave, but Phillip Johnson has good reason to hope Darwin’s ghost will decay with the old evolutionist’s interred bones.  A father of the intelligent design movement, Johnson wrote and spoke and influenced many with his focus on the linch pin of Darwinism, its insistence on undirected natural processes.  It’s the 20th anniversary of the publication of Johnson’s highly influential book Darwin on Trial, and the Discovery Institute, an ID think tank, has just launched a new website and series to re-popularize Johnson’s impact.

The website is, featuring a biography, book list, articles, news and multimedia.  A series of articles on Johnson, including video clips, can be found on Evolution News & Views: Darwin on Trail 20 Years Later, Phillip Johnson Reflects on Darwin on Trial Anniversary, and New Website Celebrates Darwin on Trial in its 20th Anniversary.  More articles will be forthcoming during the week.

If you’re new to Phillip E. Johnson, start with the short intro video to get an idea of why he is important.  Then watch a 90-minute speech he gave in his prime posted at Evolution News & Views to appreciate his cogent, insightful, articulate explication of the central issues in the Darwin vs design debates.

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