February 13, 2012 | David F. Coppedge

Fish Came from the Land

If you were taught fish evolved in the ocean, think again.  There’s a new idea that most fish evolved on land.

An article on New Scientist has the surprising title, “Most fish in the sea evolved on land.”  It doesn’t mean that legs evolved into fins; the new idea is that three quarters of fish species appear to have fresh-water ancestors.  This requires fish to first evolve in the ocean, then move to fresh water, where they diversify and proliferate, then some return to the ocean.  Maybe salmon like to re-live their heritage.  Reporter Colin Barras said, without embarrassment, “We’ve seen this kind of topsy-turvy evolution before.

Great.  Now we have an officially-endorsed new phrase to use for describing Darwin’s theory: topsy-turvy evolution.  It’s similar to the phrase John Herschel used after reading the Origin of Species.  He called it the “law of higgledy-piggledy.”  This leads us to list the synonyms for topsy-turvy found on Thesaurus.com: chaotic, cluttered, cockeyed, confused, disarranged, disheveled, disjointed, dislocated, disordered, disorderly, disorganized, downside-up, inside-out, inverted, jumbled, littered, luxated, messy, muddled, overturned, pell-mell, riotous, tangled, tumultous/tumultuous, unhinged, untidy, upended, upside-down, upturned.  Take your pick; they all fit Darwin like a straitjacket.


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  • Boodee says:

    If scientists know so many details how evolution happened which genes appeared or have been lost, from which species other species evolved &c. why they are not able to perform a speeded up evolutionary experiment to prove their theory. We want to see how one species transforms into another.

    Actually even such an experiment would prove the intelligent design and guided evolution.

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