August 25, 2017 | David F. Coppedge

Sunburn? Smear on the DNA

DNA makes for an excellent sunscreen, researchers have found. And that’s not all.

Today’s oily sunscreens often fail at durability and protection and may dry out the skin. We need new concoctions. How about DNA? At Binghamton University, Science Daily reports, researchers “have developed a coating made out of DNA that gets better at protecting skin from ultraviolet light the more you expose it to the sun, and it also keeps your skin hydrated.”

Guy German, one of the researchers, explains what his team found:

German and a team of researchers developed thin and optically transparent crystalline DNA films and irradiated them with UV light. They found that the more they exposed the film to UV light, the better the film got at absorbing it.

“If you translate that, it means to me that if you use this as a topical cream or sunscreen, the longer that you stay out on the beach, the better it gets at being a sunscreen,” said German.

If that’s not good enough, they found another application for DNA covering: wound protection.

“Not only do we think this might have applications for sunscreen and moisturizers directly, but if it’s optically transparent and prevents tissue damage from the sun and it’s good at keeping the skin hydrated, we think this might be potentially exploitable as a wound covering for extreme environments,” he said.

If this ever comes on the market, you’ll know which brand to buy: DNA brand.

This is remarkable that a molecule known for its information storage can provide other independent benefits.

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