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Evolutionist Cries, We Must Stop Human Evolution!

A few sentences from this evolutionist’s plea should cure theologians of theistic evolution.

Under the shadow of the March of Progress icon, geneticist Alasdair Mackenzie shouts, “It’s time we stopped human evolution” — really? That should start a conversation—The Conversation. Isn’t evolution an engine of progress? Isn’t it God’s method of populating the Earth with endless things most beautiful? At its base, isn’t Mother Nature a benevolent, caring force?

Bergman’s book about Darwin is an eye-opener.

Coupled with this is a very positive view of evolution. It is seen as a caring and compassionate force which has shaped us and the rest of the natural world. It almost seems that there is the growing belief that if natural evolution were left to its own devices, then everything would work out for the best.

But this idea of evolution as benign is extraordinarily wide of the mark. Evolution is a brutal and uncaring, even obscene opponent, which the medical world is constantly trying to outmanoeuvre and overcome. Perhaps because of the brilliance of Charles Darwin’s theory, evolution has been getting an easy ride for far too long. It’s time we started facing the truth about what it really means – before it eats any more of our children.

Mackenzie doesn’t doubt Darwinism; he just thinks it is so evil and painful, we have to stand in its reckless path.

This was evolution writ large: the inexorable cruel erosion of the vast majority of individuals, who had one set of genes, in favour of the tiny lucky minority who had the genetic ability to survive until they could perpetuate this cruel cycle. By running that little bit faster than their brother or sister, the genetic winners avoided getting ripped apart by a pack of hungry wolves. While they clung to life in times of famine or disease, they watched their siblings fade and die. If we believe the human diversity data, we are a species which was reduced to only around 600 individuals over 100,000 years ago. This is the reality of where we came from, of how “Mother Nature” shaped us as individuals.

Somehow, Mackenzie finds within his heart and soul a cry for peace and love that only we humans can muster. It is our moral obligation:

Unfortunately, of course, humans are still evolving today. People are still dying from disease and starving from deprivations perpetrated by unequal societies and a lack of access to food and medicine. We remain at the mercy of natural selection, the least moral way for a species to develop. And for the majority of us who deplore cruelty and feel compassion for our fellow man, woman and child, I would argue it creates a moral obligation: to aggressively stop evolution of the human species as a matter of urgency.

Strong words. And so, after painting Darwin’s world as a force of unmitigated carelessness and cruelty, he asks that we shield ourselves from the “naked ferocity of evolution.

We must never again expose our children to the wholesome, fully organic, unblemished and obscene fury of Mother Nature unleashed. Love science, hate evolution. Coming to a car bumper sticker near you soon, I hope.

Theologians: are you listening? Among most mainline churches, and a growing number of “Evangelical” churches (emphasis on jelly), Darwinism is so proven, it must be accepted. The good, merciful, just, caring God of the Bible must have used Darwinism somehow. And, of all things, some political conservatives feel the same way. On May 14 at Evolution News, Michael Behe reprinted some juicy quotes from the conservative magazine, National Review.

Yesterday National Review posted an essay by Razib Khan… Khan is a Wikipedia-described atheist, writer, and doctoral student in genetics. He is also a self-described conservative. The essay seeks to assure conservatives that Darwin’s theory is “a crowning achievement of Western civilization and a rejoinder to the modern myths of the Left.” Conservatives should happily embrace whatever is claimed in Darwin’s name because “The science built upon the rock of Charles Darwin’s ideas is a reflection of Western modernity’s commitment to truth as a fundamental value.”

This kind of jargon is déjà vu for Behe. He remembers similar claims from conservatives back in 2000. Fortunately for him, he didn’t need to write a new response, but just point back to his rejoinder in First Things, where he said,

The relationship between Darwinism and real science is parasitic. The theory’s main use is for Darwinists to claim credit for whatever biology discovers. If research shows that humans are selfish, Darwinism can explain that. If science shows we are unselfish, why, it can explain that too. If we are a combination of both — no problem. If cells are simple or complex, if sexual reproduction is common or rare, if embryos are similar or different, Darwinism will explain it all for you. The elasticity of the theory would make Sigmund Freud blush.

Darwinism is now seeking to become parasitic on politics, too, by offering shallow, ad hoc justifications for what we already know about human nature. Yet conservatives developed their political philosophy over the course of centuries with no help from Darwinists, and with no reference to shifting Darwinian stories. I recommend conservatives decline the kind offer of Darwinists to take credit for their ideas.

Substitute religion for politics, and the quote works equally well.

Theologians, preachers, and lovers of God, please! You owe nothing to Charlie Darwin. He was a fraud. His theory is stupid – “Stuff Happens!” As an “explanation,” the theory is vacuous and makes no sense, but he couched it in the jargon of “natural selection” to fool people into personifying Nature as a “selector” or rational agent of some kind. Now, his followers use “natural selection” daily as a post-hoc rationalization, “to claim credit for whatever biology discovers.” No matter what happened, “It evolved.” Who could follow DODO ideas like that?

On top of that nonsense, Mackenzie murders his fictional mother. If evolution made him who he is, why fight it? That’s reality. Darwin knows nothing of morality, and laughs at those who reach from outside its all-encompassing worldview for something to give meaning and purpose to life. Mackenzie is a thief, stealing mercy from the smorgasbord of Judeo-Christian values. Don’t let him get away with it. To enjoy the Bible’s good things, he must pay the price; he must become a Bible believer. Mackenzie’s pleas fall on the Blind Watchmaker’s deaf ears. They are self-refuting. Who could follow nonsense like that?

Someday the Darwin bandwagon will grind to a halt, and its naked Emperor will go running for cover. So don’t wait. Get ahead of the inevitable. Disassociate yourself from this disaster waiting to happen, and assure your followers that you never fell for it in the first place.

Humpty Darwin sits on a wall of foam bricks held together by decayed mortar. Cartoon by Brett Miller commissioned for CEH. All rights reserved.

Pay close attention to Mackenzie’s description of evolution’s cruelty. Is that anything like the God of the Bible? It’s at polar opposites. God is just, merciful and gracious. Yes, Nature can be heartless, but that’s because our forbears chose Satan’s cruelty instead of God’s paradise. God lets rebels go; He “gives them up” to the fruit of their ways (Romans 1:18-32). What more could He do than become incarnate and walk among us, teaching, healing and reaching out to His creatures, to the point of dying on a cross to save us from our sins? God is good and desires our joy, even in a fallen world headed for judgment.

And He never left His world without witness, doing good, giving us rains from heaven and fruitful seasons, satisfying our hearts with food and gladness (Acts 14:8-18) – even to rebels and believers in idols. We could add to those good things a thousand others: wildflowers, stars, a baby’s smile, ATP synthase, DNA repair systems, the love of friends and family, restful sleep, a conscience to know internally what is right and wrong, glorious displays of power, ingenuity and beauty throughout the world (see this Illustra short film and this one, too).

The Rebel Planet is doomed and will get judgment for its many sins, but God rescues those who love Him. Cruelty, sorrow, and tears will end. Do not blaspheme this Great Creator with thoughts He would ever have used the cruel methods of Darwin’s theory to accomplish His majestic work. Give honor to Whom honor is due.



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