October 10, 2020 | David F. Coppedge

New Documentary Dismantles Evolution: Free This Weekend

“Dismantled” is a new 90-minute documentary undermining evolutionary history. Till Sunday night, it’s free to watch.

Hurry— see this today or tomorrow (Oct 10-11, 2020). Chris Rupe’s new film “Dismantled” is free to view online, and well worth watching. It will cost to stream or buy starting Monday October 12th.


The film debunks the notion that “creation is religion, evolution is science” with clear arguments about historical sciences. It’s really a question of one version of history vs another, based on worldview assumptions. And yet it is possible to assess the credibility of one over the other using actual science that is observable, repeatable, and testable. Even the eminent evolutionist Ernst Mayr acknowledged that evolution is a “narrative” instead of a science.

Featured prominently is geneticist Dr John Sanford, author of Genetic Entropy.

Then the presentation uses evidence from biology, geology and genetics to demonstrate that the unchanging Biblical case for history has been gaining reluctant support from secular scientists. The admissions by evolutionists, quoted from scientific papers, are converging to support the Genesis account of history.

Production quality is high with beautiful imagery and clean graphics. Rebecca Tadros, a talented and articulate host, introduces each subject matter. Scientific fields examined include astronomy, genetics, paleoanthropology, and more. Subjects include definitions of science, genetic information, radiometric dating, Mt. St. Helens, Lucy and other alleged missing links, the Laetoli footprints, the alleged 99% difference between humans and chimpanzees, mitochondrial Eve and Y Chromosome Adam, genetic bottlenecks and dispersion, mutational load, microevolution vs macroevolution, genetic entropy, and much more.

The case for creation is rendered all the more powerful when multiple independent lines of evidence combine to support the conclusion. But stop reading this and go watch it! Do it now while you can, for free.


Chris Rupe, who appears in the film and was executive producer, was co-author of a book analyzing all of the hominin fossils claimed to be human ancestors.


This book by Sanford and Rupe examines all the “hominins” and evolutionary myths about them.

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