August 21, 2022 | David F. Coppedge

New Video Reveals a Heart for Design

New film on the human heart opens the mind
to prior fitness of the universe for complex life.



Watch a new film short released this week by the Discovery Institute: “The Miracle of the Human Heart.” In less than four minutes, Michael Denton, a biologist and medical doctor, shares astonishing facts about the heart, from enzymes within heart cells to the entire circulatory system and its connection to the respiratory system. Then he shows how all these marvels are intricately tied into the finely-tuned properties of the earth and the universe.

This is a quick introduction into themes in Denton’s book, The Miracle of Man (2022). It’s the capstone of his series of books on the prior fitness of the environment and laws of nature for complex beings like ourselves. We are a “Privileged Species,” this series documents. Previous titles include:

  • The Wonder of Water (2017; see video)
  • Children of Light (2018)
  • The Miracle of the Cell (2020)

Of this latest book, he says in the Introduction,

This monograph will provide what is to my knowledge is the most comprehensive review in print of nature’s unique fitness for human biology by describing a stunning set of ensembles of prior environmental fitness, many clearly written into the laws of nature from the moment of creation, enabling the actualization of key defining attributes of our biology.” (P. 23)

For more on his theme, see the Privileged Species website that features additional short films.

I just completed The Miracle of Man and highly recommend it. Dr Denton is an exceptionally good writer and fact gatherer with a gift of  inspiring awe about the wonders of life. His first book, Evolution: A Theory in Crisis (1985) influenced many who became active in the intelligent design movement; I remember how his description of the living cell made me drop to my knees in worship of the Creator’s wisdom. That book also inspired Michael Behe to take up the cause of intelligent design with his initial book Darwin’s Black Box (1996) and subsequent books, videos, articles and podcasts.

In reading Denton’s books, understand that he is not a young-earth creationist. He accepts deep time and apparently some form of the unfolding development of life (albeit not by a Darwinian process of natural selection). His association with the Discovery Institute does not imply complete agreement with the intelligent design movement. I did not find some of his other books helpful; Nature’s Destiny (1998) and Evolution: Still a Theory in Crisis (2016) promoted his view of “structuralism” that I feel is theologically unsupportable, because it tries to place the design of life into the structure of the cosmos itself, not necessarily in the mind of a designing intelligence or a personal God. So read his works with that in mind, and don’t swallow his assertions about millions of years and such. In a way, this is good; one cannot accuse Denton of being a “creationist” tarred with the baggage that term entails in our culture. (I do hope and pray the Lord will draw him further toward himself on what appears to be his spiritual journey toward a Biblical understanding.) Denton’s scientific and medical credentials are sound, and his book is thoroughly referenced with sources no evolutionist would consider controversial. The books can also be good source materials for creationists looking for excellent examples of design in nature.

With the caveats aforementioned, I’m sure that any of our readers will thoroughly enjoy the amazing collection of facts in The Miracle of Man. They will come away with increased awe of life, and assurance that an all-wise Creator as described in the Bible is the best—indeed, the only—reasonable explanation for our existence. The Christian can even conclude, based on the scientific facts alone, that this Creator is also good, loving, and personal.



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