March 10, 2004 | David F. Coppedge

Evolution Battle Heats Up in Ohio

CNN has reported that the Ohio school board voted 13-5 in favor of an optional set of lessons called “Critical Analysis of Evolution.”  The usual opponents are lining up on both sides; some scientific organizations are claiming it is a “religious effort cloaked as science,” but others consider it a victory for students and for academic freedom.

What are the Darwinians afraid of?  This is only an optional lesson.  There is no test on it.  A student’s grade does not depend on it.  The Darwinians get 478 pages out of 500 to tell their side of the story.  Come on, Darwin Party loyalists, give us your best shot.  We regularly debate the best Darwinian arguments from the best Darwinian mouthpiece journals right here on Creation-Evolution Headlines.  We’re not afraid to examine the evidence; why are you?  You assume students are smart enough to understand Darwinian doctrines in high school, so why do you assume they are not smart enough to judge evidence?
    Check out this analogy by Stephen Weeks (U. of Akron biologist), trying to explain why only Darwinians should teach Darwinism: “If someone’s an expert and they’re telling you they need a brain tumor removed in a certain way, that’s weighted more than your mechanic’s opinion.”  Try one of our analogies instead:

  • Instead of hearing news of the Iraq war only from Al-Jazeera, students should also have the opportunity to watch Fox News.
  • Before submitting to a risky brain tumor operation, one should get opinions from several independent experts and also read the medical literature.
  • Before buying a used car from a used car salesman, check Consumer Reports.
  • Members of the jury, listen carefully to both the prosecutor and the defense attorney before making up your minds.  Don’t be swayed by the personality or prestige of the attorneys; base your decision solely on the law and on the evidence.

Analogies are fun.  Make up one of your own depicting this controversy, and send it here.

  • If a drunk really wants to know if he has a drinking problem, should he only solicit his buddy’s opinion down at the ‘yall come back saloon’ -or- should he also seek the professional opinions of licensed counselors, trained to detect alcohol-related disorders?  [from a reader in Texas]
  • If a person wants to know how all the microscopic motors and machines work in a cell maybe they should start with a diagnostic test from the mechanic.  [from a reader in Arizona]
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