March 9, 2004 | David F. Coppedge

Hubble Deep Field Surpassed: Ultra Deep Field

If you remember the awe of seeing the first Hubble Deep Field image in 1995, check out the new HUDF: Hubble Ultra Deep Field (see also the New Scientist report).  The field of view, just one-tenth the size of the full moon, is a composite of 800 images taken for 11.3 days.  The 1995 image dazzled beholders with its 1600 galaxies.  This new image contains at least 10,000.

Some images are so evocative, any attempt at description would spoil the moment.  Just stare at this one for awhile.  It would be odd not to be awed, nor to consider the power of God.

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Categories: Astronomy, Cosmology

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