March 28, 2004 | David F. Coppedge

Mars Salt Water Predicted

Planetary scientists have been very excited about the Mars Exploration Rovers’ discovery of evidence that salt water existed on Mars in the past.  Not too many seem to be noticing, however, that this was predicted by a creationist.  Dr. Walt Brown predicted in 2001, “Soil in ‘erosion’ channels on Mars will contain traces of soluble compounds, such as salt from the subterranean chamber.  Soil far from ‘erosion’ channels will not.”  Dr. Brown has also made other predictions about water on Mars based on his hydroplate theory.
    Visualize a salt water sea while looking at this magnificent panorama taken by the Mars rover Opportunity.

Dr. Brown (see January featured scientist) has been one of few makers of scientific models to put his reputation on the line and make predictions.  This is not the only one of dozens he made in his book In the Beginning that have been confirmed.  If detailed predictions of a model seem to be corresponding to reality on repeated occasions, it should cause other scientists to take notice.

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