April 3, 2004 | David F. Coppedge


The cover story of World Magazine for April 3 is a series of prophetic articles for the Year 2025, called “Darwin’s Meltdown: Intelligent Design scientists … ponder a future free from the dogma of evolution.”  Looking back on how and why Darwinism declined into the “dustbin of discarded ideologies”, four intelligent design leaders, Phillip E. Johnson, Jonathan Wells, Jeffrey M. Schwartz and William Dembski place themselves 21 years into the future and look back on what happened since 1859, 1925, 1990, 2000, 2004 and beyond.

Get the magazine just for the artwork: a forlorn-looking Darwin and his pet fish sinking into an ooze of Campbell’s primordial soup.  (The articles are entertaining and enlightening, too.)  These articles could backfire if they make readers complacent, causing them to think the demise of Darwinism is already a done deal.  Right now, the Darwin Party is still a totalitarian regime giving little indication of relinquishing the power it usurped in Huxley’s era (see 01/15/2004 entry).  For the prophecies to come true, remember what Doc said in Back to the Future III: “Your future hasn’t been written yet … Your future is what you make it.  So make it a good one!”

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