April 2, 2004 | David F. Coppedge

Evolutionists Violate Church-State Separation

John G. West thinks he has the NCSE in a hammerlock.  The evolution-only advocacy group, headed by Eugenie Scott, has used religious arguments to promote evolution on their new “Understanding Evolution” website (see 02/29/2004 entry).  West, an associate director of the Discovery Institute, writing for National Review, claims they are violating their own principle of separation of church and state.
    If creationism cannot be allowed in the science classroom for religious reasons, then why should evolution be advocated for religious reasons?  “One wonders whether those at the NCSE appreciate the irony of their situation,” West chuckles.  He caught them in the act:

This effort to use religion to endorse evolution is part of a larger public-relations strategy devised by the NCSE to defuse skepticism of neo-Darwinism.  On its own website, the group advises inviting ministers to testify in favor of evolution before school boards, and it has created a Sunday-school curriculum to promote evolution in the churches.  The NCSE even has a “Faith Network Director” who claims that “Darwin’s theory of evolution… has, for those open to the possibilities, expanded our notions of God.”

Strange talk for an avowed atheist like Scott, unless it is pure strategy and tactics.  But the Discovery Institute wants to see it backfire.  “It’s clearly a violation of the First Amendment’s Establishment Clause.  What business is it of the government to tell people what their religious beliefs about evolution should be?  And what does this have to do with teaching science?”
    Click here for an example of religious arguments used by the Understanding Evolution website.  See also the World Net Daily report.

This is funny, but it would be even more entertaining if the ACLU took on the NCSE.  Don’t hold your breath.  For those two bosom-buddy groups, it’s not about science or logic.  It’s war: Worldview War I.
See also this month’s quote at top right of this page.

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