August 24, 2004 | David F. Coppedge


    Lest anyone suspect that atheism is no longer an issue, it’s “Reign of Terror Week” on The History Channel.  No fictional horror film could match what this series is revealing.  The episode Inside North Korea is a must see about the unbelievably horrible atrocities going on now in one atheist regime under the world’s worst living dictator, Kim Jong Il.  Global Prayer Digest says, “Being a Christian is illegal in North Korea, punishable by death or years of hard labor.”  If you thought routine, systematic evil went out with Hitler or Stalin, wake up!  It is happening, right now – evils just as bad or worse than anything from the 1930s and 40s – in communist countries that have not heard, or don’t care, that the foundations of their philosophical and political systems have collapsed.  It is doubtful any church or inquisition ever came close to the brutality and utter lack of conscience of the perpetrators of Nazi and communist genocides.  The episode Inside Pol Pot’s Secret Prison is a withering account of atrocities committed within the living memory of many of us: a systematic genocide rooted squarely in Darwinian principles.  These films are worth purchasing and sharing with pastors who are focused on their building programs or entertainers instead of the battle for truth.
    Bizarre footnote: the mastermind of Pol Pot’s systematic executions, that ran like a conveyor-belt gas chamber, claims to have become a born-again Christian, and is awaiting trial in Cambodia.  Pol Pot died peacefully in 1998, and no Khmer Rouge member has ever been convicted of crimes against humanity.

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