June 16, 2005 | David F. Coppedge

Are Teens Like Roaches?

A press release from University of Manchester concluded that being a teenage mother might be a good thing.  The conclusion was based on observations of the mating behavior of cockroaches.  Dr. Patricia Moore, one of the researchers, wins Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week: “Although it’s hard to compare the experiences of the female cockroach to humans, the biological mechanisms are similar and so an inappropriate apoptosis response to the ‘mistiming’ of reproduction may explain the evolution of the loss of fertility with age.”  EurekAlert reproduced the press release without any challenge.

To an evolutionist, human society acts on the same principles as cockroach society.  To evolutionary reporters, any idea that glorifies Charlie is fit to print.  As a prime example of evolutionary folly, this story speaks for itself.
[Gong.]  Next.

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