October 13, 2005 | David F. Coppedge

Debate Sampler

The debate between Darwinism and Intelligent Design (ID) continues unabated.  Here are samples of recent reasonings, harangues and actions in the news:

  • Separate Ain’t Equal:  Dave Dentel in the York Daily Record argued that making science and religion separate domains is about as effective as Plessy vs. Ferguson.
  • Old Time Evolution:  When The New Republic would not print a rebuttal to a pro-evolution article, Jonathan Wells wrote one anyway for Discovery Institute.  He ends with a Darwinian version of an old gospel song.
  • The Enemy of My Enemy Is My Friend:  Bruce Chapman for EvolutionNews noted the websites by non-Darwinian evolutionists or “structuralists” upset at the “intimidation tactics of the Darwinistas.”
  • Critical Thinking:  Doug Cowan (06/03/2005) wrote another guest editorial for the Seattle Post-Intelligencer about how he successfully uses the creation-evolution controversy to teach critical thinking skills to his high school biology students.  Cowan was featured briefly in the film Icons of Evolution as an example of how to teach evolution critically without incurring charges of bias.
  • Daily Beserkely:  Cristini Bautista wrote a fairly balanced presentation of the controversy in the Daily Californian, a Berkeley newspaper.
  • Bow Out:  Live Science wrote about a Pennsylvania teacher at the Dover trial testifying why she refused to read the statement that questioned Darwinism’s scientific validity.
  • Sneaking Suspicions:  New Scientist and MSNBC made a big deal out of how the book Of Pandas and People, the Darwin-alternative text offered to Dover schools, changed references to creationism to “intelligent design” from the draft edition to the published edition.  This point was made by Barbara Forrest in her testimony at the Dover trial to try to link I.D. to religious aspects of creationism.
  • New Mex Flex:  The Washington Post wrote about attempts to introduce alternatives to Darwinism in New Mexico schools.  The ACLU said it stands ready to defend Rio Rancho teachers who refuse to teach ID, said the NewMexican, and will go to court if the new policy leads to teaching intelligent design.
  • Florida Brew:  The Tampa Tribune wrote about attempts to introduce ID alternatives by state’ department of education.
  • Opening Minds:  Brian Fahling with the American Family Association wrote an editorial for McCalls defending ID as a competing explanation for the origin of life.
  • Freedom Fighter:  EvolutionNews wrote about the tireless efforts of Larry Caldwell to fight for “quality science education for all.”
  • Called Well:  Jeanne Caldwell has joined forces with the Pacific Justice Institute to challenge federal funding of a pro-evolution, anti-religious website, according to Access Research Network and World Net Daily.
  • Friends of the Court:  The Discovery Institute published an amicus brief for the Dover trial from 85 scientists “urging the court to protect academic freedom and not limit research into intelligent design theory.”
  • The Evolution of God:  Robert Winston tried to explain why people evolved religious beliefs, in The Guardian (UK).  Apparently he did not try to explain the evolution of Darwinian beliefs.

In spite of the occasional lies and rhetorical fluff, it’s good to see these ideas being debated.  Darwinists can no longer assume their position is unassailable.  A well-tuned Baloney Detector is your best defense against the People of Froth (see 09/26/2005 commentary).

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