November 10, 2005 | David F. Coppedge

Pope Affirms Intelligent Design

Just when pro-Darwinists were parlaying one bishop against another on the Catholic position on evolution (see the UK Times Online for an op-ed piece with some historical context), the Pope made it clear: he expects the faithful to embrace intelligent design.  The Discovery Institute was pleased that Pope Benedict XVI used the phrase “intelligent project” in his attack on atheism and directionless evolution; Evolution News soon updated the story to indicate that the Pope’s statement was even stronger than first reported.  The phrase should be translated, “intelligent plan,” and included a direct statement opposing atheism and directionless materialism.

The Pope does not speak for all Christians, of course, and his comments could still be construed as permitting belief in theistic evolution.  Still, this speech must be a blow for Darwinists hoping to soften religious opposition to evolution in general.  They know the Pope commands the allegiance of many millions of Catholics.  They had been able to twist Pope John Paul’s ambiguous statement that evolution was “more than a hypothesis” into ammo for their cause.  Pope Benedict’s more distinct words are sure to stir up even more controversy and opposition to atheism and unguided evolution.  Key to the Darwinist interpretation of evolution is that it is uncaused, unguided, and directionless.  The Pope not only defied this belief, but actually used the phrase “intelligent plan” which is synonymous with ID.  What will Sr. Lazcano do with that? (see 11/04/2005 story).

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