March 29, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

Spiders Rappel Without Getting Dizzy

How can spiders drop straight down their dragline silk without going into dizzying spins on the way down?  It’s because spider silk has “shape memory” and a resistance to twisting, due to its unique molecular structure.  Scientists tested three strong threads for shape memory: Kevlar thread, copper thread, and spider silk.  The winner was spider silk; it also retained its flexibility after multiple twists.  The report in Nature1 was summarized by Bjorn Carey on LiveScience.

1Emile et al., “Biopolymers: Shape memory in spider draglines,” Nature 440, 621 (30 March 2006) | doi:10.1038/440621a.

Too bad the Darwinists are in power; they bring science to a halt claiming, “evolution did it.”  (This is called the Darwin-of-the-gaps fallacy.)  Think of how rock climbers and rescue workers could benefit from studying the lowly spider from a design perspective.  If we could just learn a little intelligent design from these lowly organisms, we would advance civilization and bring biology out of the Darkwin Ages.

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