June 19, 2006 | David F. Coppedge

A.P. Learning to Report Science Wars More Accurately

The Discovery Institute’s media-watchdog blog Evolution News watched Associated Press fumble at first, but then get it right to show that new science standards adopted by South Carolina do not mandate teaching intelligent design.  The AP story printed in South Carolina’s Channel 10 News included a comment that certain officials “worried the change would open the door to teaching alternative theories such as intelligent design.”  It also first contradicted itself about what the standards said about teaching critical thinking.  To clarify what the standards said and did not say, Casey Luskin listed five points on Evolution News why “critical analysis” of evolution does not require “teaching ID.”
    Another “critical analysis” debate is going on in Michigan.  Evolution News reported that microbiologist Ralph Seelke testified in favor of HB 5251 that calls for students to be able to “use the scientific method to critically evaluate scientific theories including, but not limited to, the theories of global warming and evolution,” and to be able to formulate arguments for and against such theories.  Seelke argued this is a sound strategy for teaching any subject about which there is considerable disagreement.  “There is a term used when we only want student[s] to learn one side of a story,” he said.  “It is called indoctrination, not education.”

With polls continuing to show a majority doubt evolution, and with more school boards showing boldness enough to stand up against ACLU and Americans United threats, and with the inherent and obvious reasonableness of allowing controversial subjects to get a critical analysis, the AP and other mainstream media may be slowly catching onto the fact that they cannot continue to lie and sell papers.  Keep those well-written and soundly-argued letters to the editor flowing.

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