May 23, 2007 | David F. Coppedge

Darwinists Combat Creation Displays in Advance

Even before opening day, pro-evolution groups are launching pre-emptive strikes against a new $27 million creation museum in Kentucky.  Fox News reported that Eugenie Scott’s National Center for Science Education has sent a petition to 600 scientists in the region to oppose the new museum.  Also, the Campaign to Defend the Constitution is calling the new museum a “campaign by the religious right to inject creationist teachings into science education.”
    Ken Ham, president of the museum’s builder Answers in Genesis, counters that the “vast majority of natural history museums and textbooks available to students are devoted to teaching evolution” so it seems odd that they would be worried about one museum with a different message (see 10/17/2005).  Opening day is May 28.  The museum does not inject itself into schools.  Visitors have to come to the museum and pay an admission fee.  For the museum’s response to the NCSE, visit the AIG website.
    The Calgary Herald reported about another creation museum opening in Alberta on June 5: the Big Valley Creation Science Museum.  “As expected, the museum has its detractors,” the article states.  Critics quoted in this article were a little less dogmatic, in that they defended the right of people to weigh evidence and make up their own minds, but one biology professor called it a “propaganda approach” and another said that refuting evolution entirely was “a little head in the sand.”

Watch for fireworks in the media when the Creation Museum opens.  Evolutionists can have their lying feathered dinosaur displays (05/06/2004) and their lying early-man displays (03/27/2007, 02/07/2007), often paid for with tax dollars to the tune of tens of millions, but let a little alternative science be displayed and the Darwin Attack Dogs come barking and snarling to scare people from entering.  The contest in the media should be interesting to watch.  How many reporters will dredge up tired old talking points and play the warfare-of-science-and-religion card?  How many will acknowledge the freedom and basic intelligence of people to weigh evidence and make up their own minds?  Anticipate some juicy Stupid Evolution Quotes of the Week.

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