June 26, 2007 | David F. Coppedge

Giant Fossil Penguins Lived in Warm Waters

“Giant prehistoric penguins?  In Peru?” puzzled a reporter on Science Daily.  “It sounds more like something out of Hollywood than science,” but a fossil penguin you could look eye to eye with has been found that far north.  “We tend to think of penguins as being cold-adapted species,” said one of the discoverers,” but not all species live in cold waters.  These fossils “seem to contradict some of what we think we know about the relationship between penguins and climate,” she said.
    This one was surprising not only for its locale and size (1.5m standing height).  It comes from a stratum considered “tens of millions of years earlier than expected and during a period when the earth was much warmer than it is now.”  See also National Geographic and EurekAlert.

Summing up: (1) the fossils are tens of millions of years out of order.  (2) One of the two species was larger than any penguin alive today – as tall as a human.  (3) It had a larger beak: “Both new species had long narrow pointed beaks — now believed to be an ancestral beak shape for all penguins.”  (3) It was found at an equatorial latitude, indicating a richer biodiversity in the past.  (4) Everyone was surprised by these findings.  Conclusion: another victory for evolutionism.
    Encore:  (5)… “during a period when the earth was much warmer than it is now” (36 million years ago).  Conclusion: we must take drastic measures because humans are responsible for global warming.

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