October 5, 2007 | David F. Coppedge

Darwin Saves Junk, Makes Treasure Out of It

The Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week award goes to a press release from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, which began by personifying Evolution1 as a tinkerer in its own junkyard:

  Evolution has mastered the art of turning trash to treasure – though, for scientists, witnessing the transformation can require a bit of patience.  In new genetic research, scientists have traced the 170 million-year evolution of a piece of “junk” DNA to its modern incarnation as an important regulator of energy balance in mammals.
    The discovery, they said, suggests that regions of the genome formerly presumed to be a genetic junkyard may actually be a hardware superstore, providing components that can be used to evolve new genes or new species.

The article went on to speak of genes 170 to 200 million years old that Evolution used as raw material for its innovations – even though the sequences were conserved (i.e., unevolved) all that time.  “We thought we had found the tip of the iceberg of an evolutionary process that started around 200 million years ago,” said Marcelo Rubinstein of HHMI, “and we got really fascinated by the idea of pulling up the entire iceberg from the depths.”  Presumably hardware superstores now carry iceberg lifts.

1.  Darwin himself began the tradition of personifying evolution in his famous quote from The Origin of Species:  “It may be said that natural selection is daily and hourly scrutinizing, throughout the world, the slightest variations; rejecting those that are bad, preserving or adding up all that are good; silently and insensibly working, whenever and wherever opportunity offers.”

If Darwinist researchers are having a lot of fun, far be it from us to stop them (see 08/17/2007).  Make believe is a fun game.
    If, by any chance, you read this press release and did not get all the jokes, then a serious re-education program is needed.  Please read all the back issues of Creation-Evolution Headlines to heal your funnybone.

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