January 4, 2008 | David F. Coppedge

Do Monkeys Practice the Oldest Occupation?

If monkeys do it, should it be outlawed?  A story on Fox News claims that male monkeys pay for sex.  The females make them pay up first: “The males use grooming as a form of currency to buy sex from the female,” a study by evolutionary biologists in Singapore concluded.

And the point is?  Animals go through all kinds of courtship rituals, some much more elaborate than this.   Why do you suppose the researchers and the news media gave us this story, and used terms suggestive of prostitution?  Pure empirical science?  Knowledge for knowledge’s sake?
    A clue might be found in another monkeyshine story on the BBC News: monkeys laugh.  “What is clear now is the building blocks of positive emotional contagion and empathy that refer to rapid involuntary facial mimicry in humans evolved prior to humankind,” a researcher said.  How clear is that?  Maybe the monkeys are practicing for American Idol.  Maybe they are telling the other monkey to shut up.
    Darwinists are on a campaign to link everything about humans to monkeys, including our emotions, attitudes and sexual behaviors.  They think this will prove common ancestry.  No it won’t; creationists already acknowledge that humans have much in common with our creature friends.  We eat bananas, we scratch, we eliminate, we reproduce, some of us even climb trees.  So what?  Birds talk and use tools.  Does that mean we evolved from birds, or they from us?
    If monkeys like a good grooming before sex, is that any more remarkable than the courtship ritual of the sage grouse?  If monkeys like to screech and howl and curl their lips, is that any more remarkable than a dog wagging its tail?  The Darwinists are trying to make a point, and we know that all too well.

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