October 7, 2008 | David F. Coppedge

Are We Getting Biased Science?

Much more scientific research is being done than ever gets reported, say three researchers in a story reported by Science Daily.  High-impact journals tend to report selectively from a large field of medical and laboratory research.  As a result, “only a small proportion of all research results are eventually chosen for publication, and these results are unrepresentative of scientists’ repeated samplings of the real world.”  This gives a very distorted view of scientific research, they said.  They feel it is a “moral imperative” to fix the way scientific research is judged and disseminated.

There is a strong likelihood that the Darwin-loving mainstream journals give inordinate publicity to evolutionary papers.  If the journals printed a true sample of the actual laboratory research that goes on, the science-to-Darwin ratio (like the signal to noise ratio) would probably shoot way up.  Science would sound much sweeter and clearer without the constant noise of evolutionary static.
    This is the Darwin Party’s pump-and-dump scheme.  They artificially inflate the value of evolutionary research, then dump it on the unsuspecting public who think they are getting unbiased science.  This devalues science for everyone.

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