October 6, 2008 | David F. Coppedge

Walk the Ediacara Two-Step

Controversy is swirling around claims that footprints have been found in rock 30 million years earlier than the Cambrian explosion.  The press release on Ohio State shows a picture of parallel rows of dots that a team from Ohio State claims look like footprints of a worm-like or millipede-like animal.  The rocks are said to be 570 million years old.  That puts them in the so-called Ediacaran strata of the Precambrian, where only frond-like organisms unrelated to any modern body plans have been found.  Even the discoverer, Loren Babcock, is only “reasonably certain” the patterns are biological.  He expects others will be skeptical.

The pictures don’t look convincing.  If they prove to be tracks, it doesn’t help the evolutionists, anyway.  Worms and millipedes are already highly-complex organisms.  Imagine how much genetic information is required for an animal to walk with multiple legs.
    Without the bodies of the track-makers visible, no claims can be made these represent transitional forms.  It appears the authors have not ruled out other more mundane explanations.  This claim needs much better evidence.

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