June 7, 2011 | David F. Coppedge

Cosmic Insanity Is Back in Vogue

There is perhaps no theory in science more weird than the “Many-Worlds” interpretation of quantum mechanics (see 07/27/2004 and 07/07/2007).  One would think that Hugh Everett’s conjecture that each event splits the universe into two parallel universes with opposite outcomes would have had its 15 minutes of fame only to be laughed off the stage, if for no other reason than it is untestable even in principle, aside from being profligate with matter from nothing.  But according to Justin Mullins at New Scientist, supporters of the multiverse hypothesis are seeing a cosmic convergence of Everett’s ideas with theirs.

Two of the strangest ideas in modern physics – that the cosmos constantly splits into parallel universes in which every conceivable outcome of every event happens, and the notion that our universe is part of a larger multiverse -– have been unified into a single theory. This solves a bizarre but fundamental problem in cosmology and has set physics circles buzzing with excitement, as well as some bewilderment.

Bewilderment was never an insuperable hurdle for proponents of either theory.  Whether it is for their readers may depend on the target of their bewilderment.

And they call creationists crazy.  The leaps of faith for these conjectures are only exceeded by their unwillingness to face the obvious, that the universe appears designed because it is designed.

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  • Kyrilluk says:

    An article in the Scientific American about the double-slit experiment indicates that Copenhagen interpretation of Quantum Mechanics is on his last leg (http://www.scientificamerican.com/blog/guest-blog/). Multiverse is based on the assumption that the world that we can measure is non-deterministic. This belief comes from the ideas that it’s impossible to have a QM theory that is realistic (particles do exists when you don’t mesure them) and fully reproduce experimental measures.
    This is why the day Bohmian theory will be completly proven, this day all the “Junk” such as Multiverse, Inflation, etc… is going to go out of the window. Looking forward for this day.

  • bem49 says:

    Looking forward to this day too, as Kyrilluk referred to. It is inconsistent of scientists to consider Multiverse that came about some ‘natural way’ though it cannot be tested yet reject Creation/ID for that reason.

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