May 15, 2012 | David F. Coppedge

Improbable Ape Speaks Randomly

It’s not uncharitable to call someone an ape when he calls himself that.

New Scientist entitled a short article, “We Are the Improbable Ape.”  It’s perhaps fortunate that the author(s) did not identify himself, herself, itself or themselves, because it claimed that 3 chance mutations made us what we are, complete with thinking brains (5/05/2012) and language.  One excerpt wins Stupid Evolution Quote of the Week:

But on another it brings home the sheer improbability of our existence. The essence of humanity largely boils down to a bunch of random mutations, every one of them happening by chance.

Richard Dawkins once described evolution as “climbing mount improbable”. It is always worth remembering that humans have climbed the highest.

It’s not entirely clear that an improbable ape arriving by the Stuff Happens Law would know which way is up.

Maybe the improbable ape who wrote for New Scientist is highest on another level, the “under the influence” level.  The rest of us rational human beings can be content we are on the level on purpose.  Just hope the improbable apes don’t throw their rocks with as good aim as the Swedish chimp reported in PLoS One does.  Both are equally good at practicing deceit, though.


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  • rockyway says:

    I suppose we’re making progress when evolutionists have to admit that their scenario is highly improbable.

    If the accidental model of human origins were true I don’t think humans could be said to have any essence.

    It’s not clear to me why people would want to see themselves as the product of blind chance. It’s especially odd in that so many people have sought meaning in life over the ages, while these folk seem to be in flight from meaning.

  • Jon Saboe says:

    Who defines “highest”?
    If, by highest, one means, “evolved the most chromosomes”, that would make ferns the highest life form on the planet.

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