October 27, 2013 | David F. Coppedge

Findings That Comport With Genesis

The history of the world and its life could hardly be more different between the Bible’s account and that of modern evolutionary naturalism.  Some recent scientific reports fit with a designed, recent creation, and do not fit with evolution.

According to Genesis, “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.”  The world and its life was created in six normal days not that long ago (thousands, not billions of years).  Each animal and plant reproduces after its kind.  The original perfect world was cursed due to sin.  A global Flood destroyed the air-breathing animals, except for survivors on Noah’s ark.  The descendents of Noah dispersed around the globe rapidly after God’s judgment on the Tower of Babel.  Evolutionists mock at these accounts, but will have trouble with some recent findings that are puzzling for their world view, but not for Biblical creation.  The findings involve negative evidence against evolution, and positive evidence for creation.  It’s not that secularists are unable to come up with rationalizations, but findings should fit, rather than surprise, one’s worldview.  In science, the fewer “auxiliary hypotheses” needed to force a finding into one’s web of belief, the better.

Instant galaxies:  The farthest and oldest galaxy yet (700 million years after the Big Bang in the secular cosmological view, or redshift 7.51) was already fully mature, creating stars hundreds of times faster than the Milky Way does (according to evolutionary dating), and is “richer in heavy elements” than expected – requiring multiple generations of stars to have formed, aged, and exploded.  This “exceptional” galaxy so near the beginning requires secular cosmologists to invent special conditions that are not acting today; yet mature galaxies would be expected from Genesis 1:1.  Sources: Nature News, Nature, Science Shot, and the BBC News: “there are already quite surprisingly evolved galaxies in the very early Universe.”

Young earth coreScience Magazine just reported a “new core paradox” – the earth’s core is more conductive than previously thought.  Implications: “The conventional view is that convection in the liquid outer core provides most of the energy for the geodynamo, and does so not just today, but also in the past, stretching backward in time for at least 3.4 billion years,” Peter Olson wrote.  “Now that view is being challenged by fresh laboratory measurements and first-principles electronic structure calculations, indicating a far greater capacity for the core to transport heat by conduction and, by implication, less ability to transport heat by convection.”  Creation geophysicists have long argued that the earth does not need a dynamo, and that the rapid decay of the earth’s magnetic field shows the earth cannot be older than a few tens of thousands of years at most.  Olson’s solution: “The best way around this paradox is to think beyond the standard model of core evolution.”  Good idea.

Origin of life:  There are so many problems with evolutionary scenarios for the origin of life, we would need a separate page to just list them.  One such problem was recently reported by Science Daily.  It falsifies one of the favorite scenarios over the last few decades: the “RNA World” hypothesis.  “The RNA world hypothesis is extremely unlikely,” said Charles Carter [U of North Carolina School of Medicine]. “It would take forever.”  His solution, though, requires even more complexity: combinations of RNA and peptides working together.  That sounds even more unlikely.  He only imagines more primitive precursors to the complex proteins and nucleic acids we know about.   PhysOrg introduces an article, “Chemists show life on earth was not a fluke.”  It begins, “How life came about from inanimate sets of chemicals is still a mystery.”  For Bible believers, it’s no mystery.  Complex cells were created from the start by intelligent design, not by chance or “self-organization” of fat globs that “show one way in which life might have started.”

Catastrophic geology:  In Darwin’s day, Lyell and other uniformitarian geologists proposed slow-and-gradual processes accounting for all the world’s structures – the same processes visible in the present.  We’ve reported many extremely large scale rapid changes over the years (see links on Geology and Dating Methods; one good example from 6/27/2003).  Here are a few more recent findings:

  1. A relatively rapid formation of the current Grand Canyon by a dam breach (Science Daily)
  2. Catastrophic erosion of a large canyon by huge dam-breach megafloods in the eastern Himalayas (Geology).
  3. Rapid erosion of rocky mountains by lightning (Science Daily: “proving that mountains are a lot less stable than we think“) – see also good summary on Live Science about the unexpected rapidity of this process.
  4. Discovery of a large “paleo-megalake and paleo-megafan in southern Africa… 90,000 km2, larger than Earth’s most extensive freshwater body today” (Geology), a possible post-Flood remnant.
  5. PhysOrg reported a spectacular earth rupture after one 7.2-magnitude earthquake in the Philippines on October 15th made a 10-foot high rocky wall that stretches for miles.  Imagine what larger earthquakes and volcanic eruptions could do.

Human genetics upsetScience Magazine reported a finding that complicates the notion that Native Americans are descended from Siberians crossing the Bering Strait.  A new study links native Americans with Europe.  “I’m still processing that Native Americans are one-third European,” one geneticist remarked; “this is going to stimulate a lot of discussion.”  Biblical creationists will quibble about the 24,000 years date of a specimen mentioned in the study, but agree that worldwide colonization was rapid in the recent past.  Evolutionists believe that humans with equivalent intelligence and physical ability to us existed for almost 2 million years, but in all that time, never decided to discover America.

This is certainly not a complete list; we’ve reported similar findings for over 12 years, many even more spectacular. Over and over, the people with the most surprised looks on their faces are the secularists and evolutionists, who never expected such things.  Browse through our categories of Geology, Cosmology, Astronomy, Solar System, Origin of Life, Fossils, Early Man, Dating Methods and others.   At all scales and times, the evidence fits the Bible.  The universe, the planets, the simplest life, the fossil record, the exquisite engineering of animals and plants, the human body, archaeology, and the record of human history all bear testimony that the word of the Lord who was there, who is all-wise and all-knowing—who told us what He did—is trustworthy.   Isaiah said, “Stop regarding man in whose nostrils is breath, for of what account is he?”  Man’s proud opinions are only temporary fads.  “The haughty looks of man shall be brought low, and the lofty pride of men shall be humbled, and the Lord alone will be exalted in that day.” (Isaiah 2:22, 11).  Those who humble themselves won’t have to have the Lord do it to them.  “Blessed is the man who makes the Lord his trust, who does not turn to the proud, to those who go astray after a lie!” (Psalm 40:4; read whole psalm).


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  • doug hulstedt says:

    The 1/3 Northern European mix of Native Americans makes sense if the Western hemisphere was not isolated from Europe. Dr Barry Fell wrote America BC, Bronze Age America and Saga America indicating huge commerce way way prior to Columbus. “Maps of The Ancient Sea Kings” whose author escapes me indicates some world Maps were in existence around 2000 BC., I.e. after the Babel dispersing of the peoples. Our ancestors were no dummies and they would have known how to travel oceans especially learning from their grandfather Noah. It is almost like the Bible is telling us real history or something.

    I read CEH about every other day for education. Ideas. admonishment, encouragement to think. A Real Blessing.
    By the way, My wife and I had a radio show for several years and occasionally would invite listeners to call in. We got little response. Later we were told the content was just so good they didn’t want it to stop. I suspect large numbers of readers are in the same boat with you. Thanks for the research.

  • rockyway says:

    “Chemists show life on earth was not a fluke.”

    – No one seems to know why a lucky shot in pool is called a fluke… and no one knows how living organisms could ’emerge’ from inert matter. This event would be akin to finishing a game of pool… and then watching as all the balls suddenly emerge up out of the pockets, and then assemble themselves into a perfect triangle.

    On another note;
    ‘The universe, the planets, the simplest life, the fossil record, the exquisite engineering of animals and plants… all bear testimony that the word of the Lord… is trustworthy.

    – Christians shouldn’t doubt that the triune God of scripture, in his own good and perfect time, will affirm, magnify, and glorify his word. The discoveries being made in our time are an eloquent testament to this.

  • rockyway says:

    – In my previous post I seriously underplayed the sheer impossibility of a chance event producing an original life form. Instead;

    Imagine a pool table upon which a game had never been played; the balls are all in various pockets. Imagine the balls all coming up out of the pockets and arranging themselves into a perfect triangle… now imagine them rising as a single unit… hovering in space for a moment, then turning into a bird and flying away.

    The likelihood of such a fluke event would be many times greater than the chance a mindless materialism was the source of life forms on this planet.

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